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About the Cardiovascular Research Center
Our Center brings together over 130 researchers, physicians and educators to focus on ways to prevent and treat cardiac problems. These investigators represent more than 30 specialties--from genetics to pharmacology and preventive cardiology to cardiovascular surgery. They attack cardiovascular problems through basic research, clinical investigation, diagnosis, treatment and public education.

Working together, Center members combine their unique perspectives, generate new ideas and reduce the time it takes to "translate" new discoveries from laboratories to the aid of patients.

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Global research collaboration
The Cardiovascular Research Center:
Dedicated to research collaboration and innovation
Upcoming Events

10/1/2015 – CVRC Vascular Biology Research Colloquium, Matt Parlato, Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering (Murphy Lab)   Title:  Harnessing Circulating Angiogenic Cells for Therapeutic Applications
Location:  7001A WIMR, 11:00 am.

9/10/2015 – CVRC Heart Failure / Cardioregenerative Medicine Journal Club, Toy DeLange, Associate Scientist, Pediatric Cardiology (Ralphe Lab). Title:  TBD
Location:  7001A WIMR, 11:00 am.

9/15/2015 – CVRC Cardiovascular Research Conference Seminar Series, Dr. Elizabeth (Tish) Murphy, Laboratory of Cardiac Physiology, NIH, NHLBI   Title:  The role of mitochondrial calcium in regulating myocardial metabolism and cell death
Location:  1306 HSLC, 4:00 pm

9/24/2015 – CVRC Arrhythmias / Ion Channels Journal Club, TBD Title:  TBD
Location:  7001A WIMR, 11:00 am.

2015 UW Cardiovascular Research Center Annual Scientific Poster Fair
Tuesday, December 1, 2015, HSLC Atrium
2:00 – 3:00 pm:  Invited speakers, 1345 HSLC
3:00 – 5:00 pm:  Poster Fair and reception

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